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The wrong data is costing you the best hires

Poor data results in subpar candidates and tedious screening tasks, which distract your team from essential duties. These outdated methods deplete resources and hinder your competitiveness.


The right data makes you a talent powerhouse

Poor data results in subpar candidates and tedious screening tasks, which distract your team from essential duties. These outdated methods deplete resources and hinder your competitiveness.

Three steps to the data-driven difference

Your candidate pipeline should not be filled with uncertainty

1. Target

Our team and advanced sourcing technology makes it easy to identify and reach the right candidates.

2. Message

We'll help fine-tune your message to ensure you make the right impression.

3. Hire

You'll get the best candidates for the job every time. Guaranteed.

RecruitCloud works on a subscription model with
flat-rate pricing.

Easy Flat Monthly Fee

Simple flat monthly fee to fill your roles fast and save you money.

With RecruitCloud, data + humans tackle your
toughest recruiting challenges

    Fueled by Data

  • Custom messaging capabilities

  • Multi-channel messaging

  • We crunched and stitched over 200 million profiles

  • Data analytics to provide best practices

    Fueled by Data

  • Curate profiles

  • Engage candidates

  • Prepare for an introduction to your team

  • Coordinate interviews


So we only find people that make sense for your business.

Build your best-in-class talent pipeline

Imagine a world where you can hire a fantastic candidate for every open position. That's RecruitCloud.

  • Build a pipeline of the best talent with data-driven sourcing
  • Unlock the power of labor market intelligence
  • Eliminate vacancies and hire quickly
  • Be prepared for future needs
  • Take the first step to power up your pipeline.
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Hear from happy clients

The best brands deserve to find the best people to work for them

"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for helping us/William Hill grow in this uber-competitive IT landscape. You have been a trusted partner in finding niche/high-in-demand passive/sleeper talent. Your persistence, hard work, dedication, and expertise in NY Metro allowed us to scale at a fast pace. Your ability to provide quality vs quantity is second to none. Our whole Digital Hub is grateful, and we look forward to partnering with you/RecruitCloud in the future on all of our hiring needs."

Oleg Glozshteyn
Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition

"Isaac has been an invaluable partner to us as we've experienced rapid growth. By utilizing RecruitCloud's Recruiting as a Service model, we've been able to significantly reduce our Talent Acquisition costs while also attracting and hiring the most talented candidates who are an ideal match for our needs. This approach has enabled us to fill our positions quickly and with great accuracy."

Deepak Khanduri
COO, True Fort

"Working with Isaac was an incredibly unique experience for me for many reasons.

First, as a recruiter myself, it was a great refresher course on how to do the job the right way during every phase of the process. Isaac listened. He listened to understand what was most meaningful for me in my career and what my motivators were."

Chris Campbell
Senior Digital Marketing Recruiter

We’ll show you the data we used to be sure your
candidates are a good fit for your organization.

At RecruitCloud, you want to be a talent magnet. To do that, you want to hire the absolute best talent. But the problem is that your organization is counting on you not only to source and hire but also to improve retention and drive productivity. That makes you feel unsure. Even if you find a good candidate, how will you know you didn’t miss the perfect person for the job? In order for the world to move forward, the best brands need to find the best people to work for them. You deserve a partner who is passionate about you and your team’s success.

We’re fed up with the traditional hiring process, too. You don’t have the bandwidth to do it all yourself, but greedy agencies want to charge you ridiculous fees for an unreliable bunch of candidates to interview. Our industry-leading technology stack and recruiting team, makes it easy for you to source, message, engage, screen, and vet highly skilled applicants without breaking the bank.

Here’s how we do it.


Identify your target candidates.


Identify your target candidates.


Calibrate your message.


Calibrate your message.


Hire the best humans.


Hire the best humans.

So schedule a call now and also download our free checklist: Before You Hire: 15 Things You Should Know About Every Candidate so you can stop being stuck using tools that don’t get the job done, and instead empower your recruiting team with the most modern talent-sourcing tech in the industry.

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We provide upfront pricing with clear and consistent goals.

In case you're wondering...

What is the cost per role ?

Unlike traditional staffing companies, we don't charge a percentage of the first-year salary. Our standard cost per role is $ 6950 - $ 10000 per month determined by several factors like:

  • Level of roles executive or non-executive
  • Number of roles subscribed for
  • Your current cost of talent acquisition

Our overall goal is for you to spend less money than you're spending now including hard and soft dollar spend.

Soft dollars: How much time and effort is spent by your team. This is not quantifiable by dollars but by hours and effort spend filtering, interviewing, negotiating, etc.

Hard dollars: The money you spend on recruiting fees, software, and job postings.

Does RecruitCloud guarantee hires?

We do not. However, we do guarantee the delivery of highly qualified candidates who will enter your funnel. You'll get a continuous flow of highly qualified candidates so you'll be able to hire.

Does RecruitCloud guarantee candidates for a period of 90 days?

We don't offer a guarantee.

What data will RecruitCloud provide during the subscription period?

We provide customized dashboards that include all the email tracking, messaging, and pertinent candidate sourcing data. Click here for a sample dashboard. We also provide full data sets that have been customized to your specific requirements for the open role(s) as we map the market and target specific candidates.

5 Ways to Use Data to Find and Attract Top Talent

Stop being stuck using tools/software that don’t get the job done, and instead empower your recruiting team with the most modern talent-sourcing tech in the industry.