Build a winning Talent Acquisition strategy with our
Data Advantage

We help you build a targeted pipeline of candidates so you can make critical hires fast.

Others use data, too, but not like this!

We source, message, talk with, and screen each candidate.

You get a list of highly qualified people who are vetted, ready to interview, and interested in your brand and open role.

We position you for success so candidates are prepared and get hired.

When we deliver a candidate to you, they're



Ready to interview

What is our data advantage?

Anyone can gain access to sourcing platforms and download data. The problem is, existing tooling limits restrict your ability to identify hyper-specific talent profiles.

How did we solve this?

First we don't touch job boards , we don't fish in the same pond as everyone else. We are outbound passive candidate talent hunters.

We developed our own tooling because we believe our clients deserve access to data that's not limited to existing sourcing platforms.

This means we can:
  • Categorize talent insights
  • Develop new analytical capabilities
  • Infuse our outputs with best-in-class insights

Using data and advanced analytics on 200 mil profiles, we can help you manage your recruiting strategies.

Examples of how we approach sourcing using data
to gain an advantage for our clients

Learn where your company or competition stands on attrition and from which companies employees are coming from

  • We access historical data on your company and create a data set to show from which companies your employees are being hired.
  • We access tag and stitch data, including specific titles and skills, and analyze where your competition hires from, where they leave, including the average tenure.
  • We hyper-target techniques to identify candidates at your competitors who are approaching their average tenure. We then invite these candidates to consider your job opportunities, while also providing you with information on your employees who are nearing their average tenure. This strategy helps you protect against turnover and prevents competitors from poaching your best talent.
  • Using these data sets and strategies enables your team to target suitable candidates, reducing the time it takes to hire and significantly lowering the cost of talent acquisition.
  • Hire quickly and accurately while staying well under budget.

If you're a start-up looking for talented individuals, we will deliver candidates who demonstrate current or previous experience and an appetite to work at start-ups

How do we know?

  • First, we look at the start date of a job within a profile.
  • If that start date was within a year of the company's founding, we infer that person was a start-up employee.

Identify candidates at companies that are slow to promote or show a history to hire leadership talent from outside versus promoting from within the company

We merge the 3 processes above and identify how likely it is that a set of companies will promote their employees.

  • We look at the first job at the company
  • We look at the first leadership role at the company
  • Then, we identify and mark how much time it takes to get from the first job to the first leadership role.
  • We look at candidates who have not been promoted at their current employer. We target candidates whose current employer often hires senior leaders from outside the company as opposed to promoting from within.

Identification of new company sources through company review sentiment.

We look for positive and negative comments and map them. For example, if your company’s most positive comments are around professional growth, we target companies with a lower professional growth score.

Creating a team is more than just gathering together
the best talent.

We dive deeper with data to help you hire the right
people who fit your company best.

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