Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request.

What is the cost per role ?

Unlike traditional staffing companies, we don't charge a percentage of the first-year salary. Our standard cost per role is $ 6950 - $ 10000 per month determined by several factors like:

  • Level of roles executive or non-executive
  • Number of roles subscribed for
  • Your current cost of talent acquisition

Our overall goal is for you to spend less money than you're spending now including hard and soft dollar spend.

Soft dollars: How much time and effort is spent by your team. This is not quantifiable by dollars but by hours and effort spend filtering, interviewing, negotiating, etc.

Hard dollars: The money you spend on recruiting fees, software, and job postings.

Does RecruitCloud guarantee hires?

We do not. However, we do guarantee the delivery of highly qualified candidates who will enter your funnel. You'll get a continuous flow of highly qualified candidates so you'll be able to hire.

Does RecruitCloud guarantee candidates for a period of 90 days?

We don't offer a guarantee.

What data will RecruitCloud provide during the subscription period?

We provide customized dashboards that include all the email tracking, messaging, and pertinent candidate sourcing data. Click here for a sample dashboard. We also provide full data sets that have been customized to your specific requirements for the open role(s) as we map the market and target specific candidates.

What is data-driven sourcing/programmatic sourcing?

Traditional sourcing can be held back by tooling limits or blank profiles, which means you may be missing out on the ideal candidate.

We believe our clients deserve access to data that's not limited to existing sourcing platforms.

Data-driven sourcing/programmatic sourcing is when we use data to gain deeper insights about candidates, companies, experience, and job and company functions so we can develop data-backed strategies to help our clients win.

This means we can:

  • optimize our data access
  • develop new analytical capabilities
  • and infuse our outputs with best-in-class insights

Where do these insights come from?

From the sourcing process itself!

We aren't limited to identifying "a current software engineer with cloud experience with a total of 10 years of experience."

Our data-driven sourcing/programmatic sourcing helps us:

  • identify specific talent profiles
  • report on availability and trends within those profiles
  • identify specific progressions of experience over time
  • search in a time series not just for titles and companies, but also within specific job functions and company functions

Our programmatic sourcing helps us dive deeper with data to help you hire the right people who fit your company best.

Is there a minimum subscription period RecruitCloud requires?

The minimum subscription period is 3 months. Our clients usually hire within that time or even sooner!

Does RecruitCloud post job openings?

We do not, and here's why:

  • We aim to target a passive candidate base.
  • We love giving you a competitive advantage so your competition can't get access to see who you're hiring for.
  • We use an outbound strategy to reach candidates.
What will be the team size assigned to our jobs?

Each role covered by RecruitCloud is covered by a sourcer and a recruiter.

How is RecruitCloud different from the typical staffing agency?

We are an extension of your internal recruiting team.

  • We source candidates and pass on all the data and information.
  • We work with your team to do all the heavy lifting of identifying, engaging, and qualifying candidates at the top of your funnel.
  • We use a modern technology sourcing tech stack driven by data and fuelled by humans.
  • Unlike other staffing agencies, we don't charge a typical percentage of the first-year salary.
  • You'll get a significant amount of data including but not limited to best practices of how, when, and why candidates should come and work for your brand.
  • We are laser-focused on highlighting your recruiting brand and company values as part of the selling points.
  • All data that is generated for you, our client, is your property, including candidates you decide to hire in the future. We do not own data or the candidates we produce.
Which tools/platforms are used by RecruitCloud to source candidates?

Our partners include but are not limited to SeekOut, SourceWhale, SignalHire, Clay, Humanpredictions. We also use proprietary tools built in-house that evaluate and read the quality of code in GitHub repositories.

If a client hires a candidate submitted by RecruitCloud in 3,6, or 12 months, is there a fee?

Nope! You do not owe us a fee if you hire a candidate after our engagement is complete. We do not claim ownership of any/all data we provide to you.

How will RecruitCloud help our internal talent acquisition team?

Recruiters spends at least 60% of their time filtering through resumes. That could take hours, sap lots of energy, and diminish the recruiter's work, which is to sell the brand and the value proposition of the employer. We do all the heavy lifting by mapping the talent market, using a multi-channel messaging strategy, filtering, and qualifying candidates, and conducting introductions and interviews with your team. We produce a highly qualified list by engaging with passive and active talent that fuels the hiring process with interested, educated, and qualified candidates that love your brand before they start the interview process.

When should I expect to hire someone when using RecruitCloud?

After beginning work with us, our clients hire within 60 days on average.

We don't use outside vendors. Why should I use RecruitCloud?

Great question! Here are just a few reasons.

  • Speed up the process of filling your pipeline with higher-quality candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce talent acquisition cost by 25% or better
  • Get a process not only to make one or two hires but to build a high-quality team of high-revenue producers. (We'll find you employees who will make you money)
  • Reduce the pressure on your internal recruiting team coming from internal stakeholders
  • Leapfrog your competition by attracting top talent and building a strong culture
  • Our proprietary Recruiting-as-a-Service model has been deployed at scale at large and midsize companies such as : NYSE, Caesars Sportsbook, TrueFort and KPMG
  • Access to modern sourcing technology software without paying through your nose