Your recruiting team has better things to do than spending hours identifying talent and sifting through lists of unqualified candidates.

Our data + embedded team of sourcers and recruiters are like a pit stop crew - we help you take control of
your talent pipeline and fill roles without delay so you can get back in the rage.

We understand the frustration of losing your
competitive edge

It's important to us to help you increase your competitive edge. If you've lost it, we'll help you get it back!

Hi, I'm Isaac.

As the founder and CEO of RecruitCloud, I set out to solve your toughest challenges with a Recruiting-as-a-Service model like no other.

At RecruitCloud, our secret sauce is the perfect combination of data AND humans.

I designed our process to help internal recruiting teams be more competitive by hiring with:

  • More precision
  • Fewer false starts
  • Reduce the cost of talent acquisition

How do we do that?

We equip recruiting experts with the data they need to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Identify the best talent for them
  • Beat out the competition

We'll never serve you a list of people our last client rejected.

We get to know you and then use data to crunch and stitch over 200 million profiles, PLUS we custom-build a live tracking dashboard for every role we’re filling for you!

Our data is designed to go deeper and learn more about potential candidates. We use this data plus multi-channel messaging capabilities to bring you a highly qualified list of motivated candidates.

We even help you attract candidates from your competition.

We use various data sets to help identify great reasons why candidates should work for your company. We scan thousands of profiles and companies targeting employers that are slow to promote and lack internal mobility. We use this data to attract top talent from those employers to fill your critical roles.

RecruitCloud Founder

Isaac Marks

  • Source
  • Message
  • Engage
  • Screen
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Help negotiate salaries

We designed our Recruiting-as-a-service model to make it easy for you do ALL of this for highly-skilled applicants — without breaking the bank.

We understand the frustration of paying ridiculous fees only to be handed a list of leftovers and rejects.
Nobody's got time for that.
We don't just provide leads. And we don't just provide data. We provide leads, data, AND strategy.
We designed our friction free process to equip your team with everything they need to find the perfect person for each role faster.

Our personalized, human approach helps us solve
your most stubborn recruiting problems

We tackle the tough stuff with tech

We've invested in an emerging, innovative, and resilient technology stack to help tackle some of recruiting's toughest challenges, including mapping, sourcing, messaging, and scheduling candidates.

We find people who make sense for your business

We focus on the specific attributes of each open role and the type of candidates that would be a good fit for your company.

We offer transparent, flat-fee pricing

You won't find any hidden costs here. We use a subscription model with a flat monthly fee. It's easy for you to project costs this way, and most clients identify and hire the right candidate within 60 days!

We give you all the data for keeps

We will show you all the data we used and let you keep it so that your team can derive high, long-term value from working with us. Staffing agencies typically own the candidates and charge fees even if you hire someone a year later, but not us. We provide you with all the data, and you are free to hire anyone you want with no additional charges from us!

The recruiting road map your team needs

Up until now, you and your team have had to navigate hidden costs, unqualified candidates, and lots of wasted time and money.

Your team needs a road map to guide them through the recruiting process and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.

We understand what's at stake, and we know you don't want to get it wrong.

We're here to help. Schedule a demo now to learn more.